Ripoll Abogados



I would like to explain our fees below:

The first meeting is free up to one hour. Depending on the type of case, we can offer hourly rate, set prices, and monthly prices (for businesses only). We do not accept cases on a so called no-cure-no-pay base, or a pure % of the result. Normally we would be paid by an hourly rate, however we see ourselves as flexible regarding pricing, which means we may agree on a set price.

When you give us an assignment, the lawyer will have a right to be paid even if the case didn’t turn out quite as you expected, and at the same time the lawyer has an obligation to do the best job possible, in line with the judicial- and legal ethical rules. With us the client will always be safe in the knowledge that confidentiality is always respected and that we are 100 % independent in our advice.

Normal services, like secretarial work, copying, letters etc., is included in the price, whilst other cost and expenses we have in dealing with your case has to be covered by the client. Some typical examples will be: Burofaxes, translations, fee-based services, printouts from the land registry, Notarius Publicus, taxes etc.

Normally we would ask for an advance payment on account before we see the assignment as accepted. We would normally ask for 30-50 % of the estimated cost. The money is to be deposited in a client account belonging to Ripoll Abogados. The money will be used to pay expenses larger than 50 euro, and to pay towards our fees. The client will accept this without us first having to ask for consent.

Our estimated prices per 1st of January 2017 for works done by the partner in the office, is 150 euro + vat, a total of 181.50 euro per hour.

We normally will invoice every 1-3 months, and include a summary, but this depends on circumstances.