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Make sure your interests are fully protected by a lawyer when purchasing/selling a property in Spain. Again, it might save you a lot of money.

Only practising lawyers in Spain are obliged to be a member of the Bar Association and they are covered by a professional insurance policy in case of negligence.


The expert guidance of specialised Spanish lawyers is essential to take advantage of tax benefits. If the transaction is not well planned, you may find yourself paying much higher taxes than you might have expected or be obliged to.

Avoiding the use of specialised lawyers may cost you more in the long run.


If you are heir to, or beneficiary of, real estate or personal property in Spain, you should take immediate steps to have the property registered in your name to avoid tax penalties and to be able to sell the house, if you wish.


We defend the client’s interests in Court proceedings anywhere in Spain.


Real Estate crisis in Spain has brought most builders to bankruptcy. Our lawyers are specialized in recovering the price paid in advance to builders before completion of the properties.


Last but not least, do no hesitate to contact us even if your question is not related to the above. We will guide you to the best professional body, on the area you are interested in.